Mycosis in Millipedes

Hi, I have some bad news. One of my millipedes has mycosis. Mycosis is a fungal infection in the exoskeleton. If it reaches the cuticle, your millipede is about dead. That’s what I’m trying to prevent in mine. The best ways to treat mycosis in millipedes are listed below:

  • Put the infected millipede(s) in a separate container with the same substrate as it’s normal container. Dry out the substrate and poke many ventilation holes into the lid. This will keep the container dry and hopefully kill the fungus.
  • Another way (which is not as safe but very effective), is to rub the sick pede with povidone-iodine and wait. These chemicals can be harmful to millipedes but perhaps not as harmful as mycosis.

I am using the first method and will only use the second as a last resort. I hope this article helps you if any of your millipedes gets infected.

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